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Efficiency Matters: Tracking Direct and Indirect Labour in MRO Projects

In the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) industry, understanding the distinction between direct and indirect labour is crucial. Direct labour includes all the hard-working individuals directly involved in the production process. Think of the skilled technicians turning wrenches, inspecting aircraft components, or repairing machinery. These are the hours directly charged to the customer. Accurate tracking ensures you bill for the actual work performed, maintaining transparency and customer trust. Indirect labour encompasses support and supervisory roles that keep the wheels turning behind the scenes. This includes administrative staff, janitors, maintenance crews, and management. Indirect labour may not be directly billed to customers, but it’s an essential expense. These roles ensure smooth operations, safety compliance, and overall project success. PAMC is able to track all labour and ensure the distinction between direct and indire ...


Maximizing MRO Inventory Efficiency: A Proactive Approach

In the MRO industry, effective inventory management is not just about having parts on hand; it’s about ensuring they’re used before reaching their shelf life. Did you know that typically, around 10% of the MRO inventory has a predetermined shelf life? It’s crucial that these parts and materials are consumed in a timely manner to maintain operational integrity and cost-effectiveness. When it comes to inventory management, PAMC is ideal, even better when it comes to optimizing products with limited shelf life. It can be quickly determined that it will expire at the end of the month, and automatic reports make sure that nothing will go past its expiration date. Contact us for more details.


Profits and expenses

Each project you manage will ultimately yield a gross profit, which is the product of numerous factors working together. To better evaluate the rates you should apply, you have to ensure that you have a precise view of all your expenses. Labour, subcontractors, materials, and fixed expenses are the four main actors against the success of your business. If you are not managing them correctly, they can become "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse". Transform them into "The Four Horsemen of Success" by using PAMC as your #ERP solution. Contact us for a demo.


Too many software solutions

The phrase "devide and conquer" does not apply to software. It is never a good idea for a company to divide its efforts between various solutions, particularly those that deal with finance and production. Most companies will have different software for managing the production process, managing human resources, dealing with invoicing, handling the general ledger, and more. In any given business, four to six different software programs are typically used for everything from accounting, HR, inventory, production, and planning. Of course, this diversity is increasing the licencing cost. But more importantly, it is increasing costs because of loss of time, loss of precision, and, mostly, loss of data itself. This is why PAMC is offering a single solution to cover all requirements with a single source of data. Can the planning team review their timetable, taking into account the actual resources at their disposal, including vacation time, handouts, and skills that a ...