Accounts Payable

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The Accounts Payable Module in PAMC Software streamlines financial processes related to supplier transactions. Here are the key features and functionalities:

Supplier Invoice Tracking:

  • The module efficiently manages all supplier invoices.
  • Users can record and track invoices received from suppliers.
  • Each invoice is associated with the relevant purchase order or transaction.

Check Printing and Payment Processing:

  • PAMC Software allows users to print checks directly from the system.
  • Users can generate checks for payment to suppliers.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) options are also available for seamless payments.

Extensive Reporting:

  • The module provides detailed reports on accounts payable.
  • Users can analyze payment trends, outstanding balances, and cash flow.
  • Reports help financial teams make informed decisions and manage cash effectively.

Cost of Inventory Management:

  • The module ensures accurate pricing by closely linking supplier invoices to inventory costs.
  • When inventory is received, the system validates the invoice amount against the purchase order.
  • Any discrepancies are flagged for review, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

Electronic Documentation:

  • All supplier-related documents, including invoices, are stored electronically.
  • Users can attach supporting files, such as shipping documents or receipts.
  • Hard copies can be printed if needed for auditing or compliance purposes.

In summary, the Accounts Payable Module in PAMC Software simplifies payment processing, enhances accuracy, and provides robust reporting capabilities. By maintaining close alignment between supplier invoices and inventory costs, the system ensures financial integrity and transparency.