Aircraft Maintenance Forecast

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Planning, Projects, Production Purchasing, Payables, Invoicing, Projects

The Aircraft Maintenance Forecast Module is a crucial component of the PAMC Software, designed specifically for Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) businesses. Here are the key features and functionalities it offers:

Precise Quote Generation:

  • The planning module enables the rapid generation of precise quotes (including parts and labour) for maintenance visits. This efficient process ensures accurate resource allocation and effective manpower planning during upcoming projects.
  • Features include task database management, estimated opening/closing times, panels per zone, and resource requirements based on scheduled projects and manpower.
  • It also analyzes unscheduled tasks and estimates work completion time.

Resource Management and Scheduling:

  • The module facilitates day-to-day employee assignment (job scheduling) and resource availability.
  • Project Gantt charts and dashboards help supervisors monitor progress and milestones.
  • Predraw functionality assists in preparing for scheduled job cards by identifying required parts.

Inventory Management:

  • Comprehensive inventory tracking for all components, from A to Z.
  • Features include barcoding, lot control, min-max levels, shelf-life management, and kitting.
  • Integration with the purchase workflow ensures seamless management from purchase requests to delivery/invoicing.
  • Additional inventory features cover supplier details, transportation fees, safety data sheets, and more.

Tooling and Equipment Management:

  • Efficiently manages assets such as parts, tooling, and equipment.
  • Ensures proper inspection, certification, maintenance, repair, and calibration as scheduled.
  • Features include recurring inspections, calibration, tool loans, maintenance cost tracking, and prevention of Foreign Object Debris (FOD).

Production Management:

  • A user-friendly, paperless system compliant with aviation regulations.
  • Covers technical, operational, and commercial aspects of maintenance and engineering.
  • Audited by major airlines in North America.

In summary, the Aircraft Maintenance Forecast Module empowers MRO businesses to optimize resource utilization, streamline inventory management, and enhance overall operational efficiency. PAMC Software’s versatility makes it suitable for various spheres of activity within the aviation industry.