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The Planning Module is a powerful tool that serves as the backbone for efficient project management in the context of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) businesses. Here are its key features:

  • Precise Quoting: The module generates highly accurate quotes for maintenance visits, considering both parts and labor. This capability ensures that cost estimates are reliable and can be swiftly provided to customers.
  • Resource and Manpower Planning: With the planning module, you can efficiently allocate resources and manpower for upcoming projects. It helps optimize scheduling, ensuring that the right personnel are available when needed.
  • Contract Terms Customization: The module allows you to tailor contract terms for each customer. Whether it’s warranty conditions, service-level agreements, or other contractual aspects and agreements, you can set them appropriately.
  • Task Database and Alternates Naming: You can maintain a comprehensive task database, including alternate task names. This enables streamlining of communication and ensures consistency across projects.
  • Project Gantt Chart and Milestones: Visualize project timelines using Gantt charts, track milestones, and monitor progress. This feature aids project supervisors in effective decision-making.
  • Estimated vs. Actual Hours Analysis: Compare estimated task durations with actual hours worked. This helps refine future planning and enhances project execution and quotation precision.
  • Bays Availability and Management: Efficiently manage available workspaces (bays) based on project requirements.
  • Day-to-Day Employee Assignment (Job Scheduling): Assign tasks to employees on a daily basis, ensuring optimal utilization of available workforce.
  • Advanced Reporting: Generate detailed reports by aircraft, task, employee, and other relevant parameters.

In summary, the Planning Module empowers MRO businesses to create accurate quotes, optimize resource allocation, and streamline project planning, ultimately leading to successful project execution.