Repair Order

Module Integration
Source Target
Planning Production, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger

This module empowers users to meticulously track both the material and labour associated with each individual part serviced by the company. Here’s how it works:

Material Tracking:

  • The Repair Order Module allows you to manage and monitor all inventory items from A to Z. Whether it’s spare parts, components, or consumables, this module ensures comprehensive control.
  • Key features include:
    • Barcoding: Efficiently scan and manage items using barcodes.
    • Lot Control: Keep track of specific batches or lots.
    • Min-Max Levels: Set thresholds for reordering materials.
    • Shelf-Life Management: Monitor expiration dates.
    • Kitting: Bundle related items together.
    • Supplier Integration: Seamlessly handle purchase workflows from initial requests to delivery and invoicing.
    • Warehouse Management: Track inventory across multiple locations.
    • Safety Data Sheets: Maintain safety compliance.
    • Substitute Parts: Identify suitable alternatives.
    • Electronic Cycle Count: Streamline inventory audits.
    • Certification Scanning: Ensure compliance with certifications.
    • Centralized Barcode Printing: Generate barcodes as needed.


Labour Tracking:

  • The module also focuses on labour associated with repair orders.
  • Features include:
    • Employee Assignment: Assign tasks to specific technicians.
    • Work Performed: Record labour hours and activities.
    • Job Scheduling: Plan daily assignments.
    • Gantt Chart: Visualize project milestones.
    • Advanced Reporting: Analyze labour hours by aircraft, task, and employee.


Integration with Other Modules:

The Repair Order Module seamlessly integrates with other PAMC modules, such as Inventory and Tooling/Equipment. For instance, when repairing an aircraft part, you can link it to the relevant inventory item and track both material usage and labour hours.

In summary, PAMC’s Repair Order Module ensures meticulous tracking of materials and labour, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in the MRO industry.