Accounts Receivable

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Planning, Projects, Production General Ledger

The Accounts Receivable (AR) module of PAMC Software plays a crucial role in managing financial transactions related to customer invoices, payments, including customer deposits. Here are the key features and functionalities:

Invoice Generation:

  • The AR module allows you to generate invoices based on projects or sales orders.
  • Whether it’s a project-specific invoice or a standard sales order, the module ensures accurate and timely billing.

Payment Tracking and Collection:

  • It ensures that payments are received from customers.
  • By tracking outstanding invoices and managing payment receipts, it helps maintain a healthy cash flow.

Customer Deposits Management:

  • The module handles customer deposits efficiently.
  • When a customer provides a deposit for a project, the system records it as a payment on the deposit invoice.
  • These deposits can then be applied to subsequent invoices, reducing the overall amount owed by the customer.

Work in Progress (WIP) Reporting:

  • The AR module provides a comprehensive work in progress report.
  • This report ensures that all costs associated with ongoing projects are covered.
  • It includes expenses related to purchasing, waybills, freight fees, and any markups specified in the contract terms with each customer.

Multi-Currency Support:

  • PAMC Software seamlessly handles multiple currencies.
  • Amounts are automatically converted into the currency of the customer’s projects.
  • This feature is essential for international business operations.

Material Cost Tracking:

  • The module tracks material costs for projects.
  • It includes expenses related to purchasing raw materials, transportation, and any additional costs incurred during the project.

In summary, the Accounts Receivable module in PAMC Software ensures efficient invoicing, payment collection, and cost management for ongoing projects. Its flexibility, multi-currency support, and work in process reporting make it a valuable tool for businesses dealing with complex financial transactions.