Aircraft Charter

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Suppliers, QA, Inventory Accounts Payable, Invoicing, Purchasing, General Ledger

The Aircraft Charter module from PAMC Software is designed to streamline and enhance the process of chartering flights, managing passengers, and ensuring efficient cost allocation. Here are the key features and functionalities:

Flight Scheduling and Planning:

  • The Aircraft Charter module allows you to schedule and plan charter services for multiple customers.
  • Whether it’s a business trip, leisure travel, or any other purpose, the module ensures accurate planning and coordination.

Passenger Management:

  • It efficiently manages passengers for each charter flight.
  • Passenger details, preferences, and requirements can be easily tracked and organized.

Cost Splitting:

  • The module handles the splitting of costs among passengers.
  • Whether it’s a group charter or individual bookings, the system ensures fair distribution of expenses.

Supplier Management:

  • It maintains a list of available suppliers providing aircraft or helicopter transportation.
  • Supplier details, availability, and performance can be tracked within the module.

Advanced Progress Tracking:

  • The module supports an advanced progress system.
  • Users can follow the entire lifecycle of a transport request, from submission to delivery or cancellation.
  • Real-time updates keep everyone informed.

Invoicing Integration:

  • The invoicing system is directly linked with supplier invoices.
  • This ensures accurate billing and provides a detailed breakdown of the services provided.

Flexible Invoicing Options:

  • You can invoice customers individually or group them under a single entity.
  • This flexibility caters to different business models and client preferences.

In summary, the Aircraft Charter module streamlines flight planning, passenger management, cost allocation, and invoicing, making it an essential tool for efficient and transparent charter services.