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The Human Resources (HR) module within PAMC Software is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline workforce management. Let’s delve into the key features and functionalities of this module:

Labour Tracking:

  • The HR module efficiently tracks the working hours of both employees and subcontractors. It records their clock-in and clock-out times, ensuring accurate attendance data.
  • Managers can monitor labour allocation, project assignments, and resource utilization.

Time-Off Management:

  • Employees can submit time-off requests directly through the system. Whether it’s vacation days, sick leave, or personal time, the module handles it all.
  • The system manages time banks, allowing employees to accrue and utilize their leave entitlements.
  • Advanced features include handling exceptions like extended sick leave or special circumstances.

Sickness and Vacation Support:

  • The module accommodates various types of leave, including sickness and vacation days.
  • Employees can request time off due to illness, and the system ensures compliance with company policies and legal requirements.
  • Vacation planning and tracking are streamlined, making it easy for employees to plan their time away.

Advanced Reporting and Evaluation:

  • The HR module generates detailed reports on attendance, exceptions, and leave of absence balances.
  • Managers can evaluate patterns, identify trends, and address any issues promptly.
  • These reports assist in payroll processing, ensuring accurate compensation based on actual hours worked.

Integration with Payroll:

  • Timesheets generated from the punch clock system seamlessly integrate with payroll processing.
  • The module calculates employee wages, deductions, per diems, and benefits based on their attendance records.
  • This integration ensures accurate and timely payroll disbursement.
  • Employee expenses are also tracked and reimbursed on the next payroll or directly by issuing checks.

In summary, the PAMC Software HR module provides a robust framework for managing workforce attendance, leave requests, and payroll processing. Its advanced reporting capabilities empower organizations to make informed decisions and maintain a productive workforce.