Tools & Inventory

Module Integration
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Planning, Projects Production, Invoicing, QA, General Ledger

The modules inventory, tools, and equipment management have the following features:

Inventory Management:

  • Min/Max Levels: Set minimum and maximum inventory levels for efficient stock control.
  • Units of Measure: Handle different units (e.g., pieces, kilograms, liters) for accurate quantities.
  • Supplier Information: Track supplier part numbers, prices, and default suppliers.
  • Shelf Life Tracking: Manage items with expiration dates.
  • Chemical Tracking: Monitor chemical usage based on safety data sheets.
  • Kits: Bundle related items together for streamlined handling. Ex: Paint = primer, paint, scellant & others.
  • Multiple Warehouses & Bins: Organize inventory across different locations.
  • Reservation & Pick-Up Rules: Reserve items for specific customers or projects.
  • Substitute Parts: Identify alternative parts when needed.
  • Certification Scanning: Attach and track part certifications directly from the system.

Reception Management:

  • Qualification: Approval process to receive the goods when applicable
  • Security: Proper protective equipment to handle
  • Documentation: Validation process to ensure that documents and certificates are attached to the goods.
  • RMA & Discrepancies: Validation and autorizations against the received goods and the purchase order.

Tooling and Equipment Management:

  • Calibration & Maintenance: Schedule inspections, certifications, repairs, and calibrations.
  • Tool Loan Management: Track tools borrowed by employees.
  • Tools Status: Clearly label tools’ status to easily identify those that are serviceable and unserviceable.
  • Electronic Cycle Count: Efficiently manage inventory counts.
  • Barcode Support: Use barcodes for accurate tracking.
  • Certification Scanning on Receiving: Verify certifications upon receipt.
  • Supplier Review & Approval: Evaluate suppliers based on performance.

Purchasing Features:

  • Purchase Requests & Orders: Streamline the procurement process.
  • Electronic RFP (Request for Price): Obtain quotes from suppliers.
  • Purchase History Tracking: Monitor part and supplier history.
  • Supplier Payments: Manage payments efficiently.
  • RMA & Discrepancy Statistics: Monitor returns and discrepancies.

Sales Order Management:

  • Complete Workflow: Handle customer quotes, fixed prices, additional labor, and parts.
  • Integrated Finance & General Ledger: Generate GL entries for financial statements.
  • QA Proactive System: Prevent errors, enforce compliance, and manage safety alerts.
  • Paperless System: Electronically approve non-routine cards, purchase requests, and more.

PAMC Software ensures a seamless workflow from customer inquiries to final invoicing, all within a single software solution. Its paperless approach, document scanning capabilities, and comprehensive features make it a valuable asset for MRO businesses.