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The role of inspectors and stamp usage

In the MRO industry, the role of inspectors is crucial. They are responsible for ensuring that all maintenance and repair work meets the highest standards of quality and safety. One of the ways this is achieved is through the use of inspection stamps. These stamps are used to signify various functions of Quality Assurance.

The control and issuance of these stamps are a significant aspect of quality assurance. The personnel assigned stamps are responsible for their security and maintenance. A Stamp Issuance Record is maintained by Quality Assurance for all stamps issued. This system ensures that only qualified personnel are in charge of executing the proper inspection.

Controlling the inspectors and their stamp usage has several benefits:

  • Ensuring Qualified Personnel: The stamp system ensures that only qualified personnel can approve work. This helps maintain high standards of quality and safety.
  • Preventing Errors: The system can prevent particular employees from releasing routine or non-routine work based on regulations, QA, and customer’s requirements.
  • Tracking and Record-Keeping: A systematic, chronological record-keeping system is maintained for all inspection activities.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Regular inspections and adherence to maintenance schedules help identify potential hazards, reduce risks, and maintain a safe working environment in adherence to compliance regulations.


PAMC Software integrates these quality control measures into its system. It includes a proactive QA system to prevent errors, enforcing compliance with airworthiness regulations. This ensures safety and reliability in MRO operations.

Moreover, PAMC Software supports a paperless environment by allowing document scanning into PDF format. This reduces paperwork and enhances efficiency. With all the files and approvals attached to each work card, a full PDF package with the certifications of all the parts installed for a customer can be generated within a few minutes.

In conclusion, the control of inspectors and their stamp usage is a critical aspect of quality assurance in the MRO industry. PAMC Software provides a comprehensive solution that integrates these controls, ensuring that only qualified personnel execute inspections, thereby maintaining high standards of quality and safety.