Ronnie Di Bartolo


During his tenure as CEO of Premier Aviation, one of RDB's proudest accomplishments was the establishment of a formalized combined work/classroom learning experience for young people interested in entering the aircraft maintenance industry by becoming a trained Certified Aircraft Technician (CAT). This 3 year program was developed in partnership with Community / Technical colleges. Its curriculum and work experience was duly recognized and endorsed by Transport Canada.
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François Groleau


In aerospace industry since 2006, François has been involved with all departments in order to better understand their requirements and how they integrate within each other to finally develop a true solution for the MRO industry, namely PAMC software. His goal is to always find the most efficient way to improve both processes and follow-up and resolve any hampering issues with the business flow. François has started the development of PAMC software with Ronnie Di Bartolo in 2007 and was instrumental in developing this breakthrough solution, because of his vast knowledge in networking, database and software development.

Our technical support team

Our team has a diverse knowledge and experience, in particular: information security, understanding of the business processes, database and project management, help topics, web design, importing and exporting data, and development of appropriate solutions. We are able to take up efficiently any challenge. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you!

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